The Holy Spirit never asks for sacrifice.

Today is the 1st Sunday in this “Lent” time before Easter. In 2017 when we first offered the 40 Days of Light, the following is from 2017’s first Sunday of Lent.

In this session, we will teach from the section in the Text, Ch. 7, X. The Confusion of Pain and Joy. Can we learn that the what the Holy Spirit says is true? Can we listen to what He says? Finally, will we realize that the Holy Spirit does not ask for sacrifice but the ego does. Join us as we start the approach to the Light of Easter.  You do not have to live and learn from pain, for joy is yours. We often include a short meditation. I hope you will join us in this.

Reference: Text, Ch. 7, X. The Confusion of Pain and Joy and Lesson 190 – I choose the joy of God instead of pain.

Rev. Deb


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