I forgive pray, and I am healed.

We dream now of healing. Our Father looks to us to come to Him without any judgments on our heart. We are here to speak is word and so we return our voice to Him. We do not abandon Love today. We listen for the Call and answer with our heart and soul. We forgive, pray and then we are healed. And so it is.

Reference: Song of Prayer, 3. Healing, IV. The Holiness of Healing

Rev. Deb

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The Fear of Healing – 3/26/17

The Fear of Healing – 3/26/17

with Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps

The ancient calling of the Father to His Son, and of the Son unto His Own, will yet be the last trumpet that the world will ever hear. Brother, there is no death. T-27.II.6:7-8

In this session, Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps shared from the section in the Ch. 27, II. The Fear of Healing and Workbook Lesson 137 – When I am healed I am not healed alone.

Healing Meditation follows.

Text, Ch. 27, II. The Fear of Healing
Lesson 137-– When I am healed I am not healed alone.

Recorded March 26, 2017

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