Today I will abide in peace.

I just opened a fortune cookie and it said, “Little is needed to be happy.” It is true. We think our lives need to be full of so much, when the opposite is true. Healing is what we need. Accepting the limitless gift of God is what we need. Remembering our ancient Name is what we need. We are to save the Son of God (ourselves and our brothers) from crucifixion. We have the power to do so. We have the power to bring peace. It is the Will of God that His Son have everything. We are everything. We are free from guilt and punishment. What more can you ask for?

Reference: Text, Ch. 26, VII. The Laws of Healing

I posted the following on our Facebook Group a little while before I created this message. May you be inspired.

Thoughts on Day 27

Each day, I am telling myself today’s affirmation along with the others. “I choose Your Peace.” Despite the swirling of the world around me, so much input that can be overwhelming, too much information in, too much media, too much of noise, I can and have chosen peace. I pray you are doing the same.

Someone posted today about the time spent on Facebook and I believe this person said they spent almost 2 hours. They had forgotten to remember God. Sure there are times in the past, I have done the same. Yet, for quite some time now, I make it a daily practice to orient my day to peace. I start off with meditation, usually 25-30 minutes, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. There is no set “have-to” even though I have a timer. I take no coffee or tea, nor look at phone or tablet, no TV, no news, no emails and certainly no work.

Why? I choose the peace of God first and foremost.

Facebook and all can wait. None of these are more important than the communion with God. Make a dedicated decision from this point forth to enjoy time with God. It will make quite a difference in how you approach your day. You will find yourself not as distracted as you had been but more energized in being mindful, happy and at ease.

Try it, won’t you? Let it be an experiment for a week and see what occurs. Let me know afterward.

Rev. Deb

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