I want the peace of God.

As we are in this last week before Easter, we give all of our heart to our practice. When we say, “I want the peace of God,” we need to mean it with every fiber of our being. Not only that, we need to follow through and allow our mind to be healed. Yes, we have spoken of resurrection many times in our 40 days. Let us no longer speak of its nature but live as the peace of God is all we possess. As our reference speaks, we must mean these words. We talk all the time whether it is about peace, or dieting or exercise, or whatever else we may want to accomplish that is “good” for us. We ARE good. That is our true nature. Practice this lesson today with all earnest. Query yourself repeatedly throughout the day when you come upon a conflict no matter how big or small, “Is this what I would have, in place of Heaven and the peace of God?” and then follow through accordingly. God’s peace will remain with you always.

Reference: Workbook for Students, Lesson 185 – I want the peace of God.

Rev. Deb

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