Innocence is my state of mind.

Until our study of A Course in Miracles, we believed we were the cause of Jesus’ crucifixion. We were told we were miserable sinners and because of this Jesus died for you. Instead, Jesus gently reassures us with his words, “I was not “punished” because you were bad.” Perhaps you have lived your life as one who has been persecuted. Perhaps you have lived with guilt and the secret request for punishment. Today, you are given a new outlook. Realize that innocence is your true state of mind. Say it to yourself. Write it in your journal. You are pure of heart. You have a pure mind. You have strength. You have been released from all errors. Repeat this often as you go about your day for it is very true and will bring you peace.

Reference: Text, Ch. 3, I. Atonement without Sacrifice

Rev. Deb

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