Miracles represent freedom from fear.

We return to the beginning of the Course with the Miracle Principles. We learn that “Atonement” is not what we thought it was. “Atoning” means “undoing” thus, it is the undoing of fear. This is an essential part of the Atonement. we do not have to make sin or the error real as we had learned in our religion of origin perhaps. Miracles, those shifts from fear to love, are a correction. They heal our perception. The main perception of course, is we believe we are separated from God. You can also see this popup in different circumstances in our lives with loved ones, “not so loved” ones, co-workers, the current state of the government, past relationships, and so much more. What perception do you want healed today? Ask for the Holy Spirit or Jesus’ assistance and you will never fail.

Reference: Text, Ch. 1. 1. Principles of Miracles

Rev. Deb

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