I stand in light.

The Light is constant. Here on earth we know the sun always rises every morning. The Light always comes. Today, stand strong in the Light of God. You are as God created you. You have His strength and goodness. Remind yourself often today, “I stand in light.”

Reference: Workbook Lesson 94 – I am as God created me.

Listen to my Unity Radio Show episode, “Declare Your Innocence and You are Free”.” In this episode: We do not have to fall into the illusion that we are sinful, guilty, and surrounded by darkness. That is the ego’s fear trap. In truth, we are innocent and today we declare our freedom. Rev. Deb relates the thinness of fear’s veil as the Light of Purity and Love will always shine it away. Additionally, she shares a LovingKindness practice to help you remember the innocence not only of yourself but that of others.

You can download the podcast here.

Rev. Deb

P.S. You can see previous days by going to www.40daysoflight.org. You can use our Practical Application Facebook Group. to share your thoughts, musings, miracles, fears, loves or whatever comes to mind during the series. We are all equal and we are all here to share with one another.

Please know we offer many free ACIM Resources on our website: www.miraclesone.org Our sole focus is on ACIM and its practice in our lives.

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