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Remembering the name of Jesus Christ is to give thanks for all the gifts that God has given you.  And gratitude to God becomes the way in which He is remembered, for love cannot be far behind a grateful heart and thankful mind.

Our theme for November is “A Grateful Heart and A Thankful Mind.” Is it a cliche for us as ACIM students today? It is. It is a handy phrase we probably bat about, placed in the Manual for Teachers, #23. Maybe it’s just a phrase I have used just about every November since it’s Thanksgiving time. Hmmm.

What is the meaning of a “grateful heart and a thankful mind”? This month I hope to explore this idea more in the days ahead. I do know that I am most grateful for you. If it were not for you, we would not be able to provide all the resources that we do for Course students.

I came across this writing I created for Lesson 197 – It can be but my gratitude I earn. It’s located in our Journey Through the Workbook for Students: Divine Messages book we published in 2006.

The praise and accolades of others will have empty meaning if I do not appreciate myself. If I am doing what I am doing to seek
approval, and do not have my own, it is meaningless. It is up to me to love and appreciate the Divine gift that I am. If I give
appreciation to others for seeking something in return, then I truly am not giving at all. There are conditions attached to my gift. It is not given freely with pure intention.

Today, I will be mindful of the gifts that I give, to myself and to others. Where is my heart? What purpose do they serve? As I
continue to embrace the Holy Spirit into each moment in my life, I will walk with Him, talk with Him and He will show me all the
treasures that are mine as I remember God.

Today, I appreciate Who I am. I am as God created me. This cannot be repeated more than enough. The goodness and the
kindness of Heaven lies past all the aspects that I have made.

Today, I give with a pure heart and clear mind. Today, I will receive an abundance because it is only an abundance I give. No
one else is here. It is just me. That is not a selfish thought; it is only the Truth. There is One Son. And I can either curse or bless. What shall I choose today?

These words transport me to where I am today. No different from 2006. As you know from my recent message, I am following the calling from the Divine Within to enter into the quiet communion with Him. Even our retreat in September was titled, “I am as God created me.” How apropos in the discoveries I make from the past, yet it is all about the present. Even my current practice lies in the acceptance of the Heart of God and receiving and extending His Love.

I truly hope you will benefit from what I share in the coming year. Lastly, I’ll share this Peace and Gratitude Meditation I shared last November. Also, see at the end of this message a brief reminder of your perks as a donor/patron.

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In Peace,
Rev. Deb


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