40 Days of Light – Day 28

Today I will abide in peace. I just opened a fortune cookie and it said, “Little is needed to be happy.” It is true. We think our lives need to be full of so much, when the opposite is true. Healing is what we need. Accepting the limitless gift of God is what we need. […] Read More

40 Days of Light – Day 27

I choose Your Peace. With love in our hearts for our Father, we know how could there ever be cruelty in Him. We were poorly taught. We have put up defenses to His Love and we have attacked His Love. We have placed idols before Him in the many forms of this world. We’ve worshiped […] Read More

40 Days of Light – Day 25

I hear my Father speak to me. Today we are still. Really do this. Take at least 5 minutes in the morning (preferably more) and listen to God. The cure you need is the end of separation. Know yourself as One with All. Listen carefully, be silent. Come to your Father with love and gratefulness […] Read More

40 Days of Light – Day 24

I accept guidance from within. Healing does not come from anyone else. You must accept guidance from within. Jesus is here to join with you. Jesus says, “Healing reflects our joint will.” Are you ready to be free? Separation is overcome by healing. Join with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and remember. Reflect and journal on […] Read More

40 Days of Light – Day 22

I forgive myself. God has never condemned as neither should we. We need forgiveness as it opens our eyes that have been shut for so long to the Light. Today, we practice Lesson 46 with enthusiasm, with relief, with trust and with gladness. We offer forgiveness to ourselves for we have replaced His Love with […] Read More

40 Days of Light – Day 21

Do no harm. Our affirmation today is simple. Three words. “Do no harm.” When we say this, we mean do no harm to others as well as ourselves. We are only hurt by our own thoughts. No one can deprive us of anything for we deprive ourselves of peace when we believe so. Today, we […] Read More

40 Days of Light – Day 20

Let me perceive forgiveness. We’ve come to the halfway point. Today we practice true forgiveness as related in our reference reading today. We must practice forgiveness for each time we do our hearts become lighter and peace envelops the world. Forgiveness blesses our brother, but mostly it blessed ourselves. We need the practice of forgiveness. […] Read More